Tempered vacuum Insulated glass

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The vacuum glass is composed of  two or more pieces of flat glass. There are tiny supports between the glass layers, and the glass perimeter is sealed by inorganic material solder. One of the glass has an exhaust port for vacuum exhaust, and the gas in the cavity will be exhausted through the exhaust port, and then the vacuum cavity is formed.In order to ensure vacuum life, a special getter is placed in the cavity.

Zerothermo team are focus on vacuum technology for more than 20 years, and have many production lines of vacuum glass, which guarantee the fast delivery time and top quality.Vacuum glass improves the performance of any glass configuration by effectively blocking heat transfer, providing 3-4 times more thermal insulation than conventional insulating glass and more than 10 times more than monolithic glass.

Zerothermo can provide custom size and shape of vacuum glass to be applied for different fields. For each piece vacuum glass, we packaged well before shipment to insure the safety in transportation.We also can make customized samples according to customer’s requirement, such as size & shape.

Due to extraordinary insulating performance, and it is ideal for residential and commercial projects, including, renovations,New Construction,Office buildings,Educational institutions,Hospitality, Healthcare,curtain wall. If you are looking for vacuum glass, we will reply you back in 24 hours with best customer service & best products

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Vacuum insulated glass advantage:

High temperature exhaust and getter are guaranteed, and the vacuum design life is more than 50 years.

Longer life & higher vacuum capability

Vacuum layer protects LOW-E glass film

Extraordinary R-values to increase energy savings and reduced carbon emissions

Support custom sample with fast delivery time

Increased acoustic performance for dramatic noise reduction

Generous window-to-wall ratios without sacrificing performance or occupant comfort

All raw materials are inorganic materials, which avoid  that the performance degradation and aging failure in harsh environments.

Product Details


Weight about 25 kg/㎡
Structure Hollow
Brand Name Zerothermo
Min.Size 300*300mm
Max. Size 2000*3000mm
Service Life ≥ 50 years
Project Solution Capability  graphic design
After-sale Service  Online technical support
Function Decorative Glass, Heat Reflective Glass, Insulated Glass, Low-E Glass
Vacuum glass Structure 5TL+0.2V+5T
U-Value 0.51w.(m².k)
Thickness 10mm
Shape flat
Degree of vacuum 0.01pa
Sound Isolation (dB) 37



Zerothermo vacuum glass is a fully tempered vacuum insulated glass with thinner and lighter structure, it is defined the standards for safety, energy conservation and comfort. As one of the environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials,vacuum glass was widely used for doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for commercial and residential buildings, public facilities, green buildings as well as landmark structures,

Type Features application
Architecture Thin,lightweight,safe,thermal and sound insulation Doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for commercial and residential buildings, public facilities, green buildings as well as landmark structures.
Home Appliances Energy savings, weight, thickness, safety, and condensation free Ideal for freezers, wine cabinets, and display cases.
Building Integrated PV Thermal insulation and sloped installation. Solar photovoltaic buildings
Agriculture Thermal insulation and optical transparency Modern greenhouse farming
Transportation Thermal insulation, soundproofing and condensation free,optical transparency performance Suitable as flat window materials for automobiles, high-speed rail, aircraft,and vessels.


Business Conditions and Terms

Prices and Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP

Payment Currency: USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, CNY, AUS

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P D/A, Western Union, Cash

Supply Ability: 100000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month

Loading Port: Shanghai, Shenzhen GuangZhou

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